Ticket: BTS Online League BTS Online League 11863

BTS Online League / 5615593753 / Patch 7.27

Starting 15 September 2020 13:23:57 lasting 52:37

Neon Esports (neon) Neon Esports Loser
Hero Player Level Kills Deaths Assists GPM XPM TD HD HH EGG GS Skills & Significant Items
Batrider JG † 24 4 5 16 375 532 57 14468 125 2964 15340 Sticky Napalm Firefly Sticky Napalm Flamebreak Firefly Flaming Lasso Firefly Firefly Sticky Napalm +{s:value}% Spell Amplification Sticky Napalm Flaming Lasso Flamebreak Flamebreak +{s:value} Health Flamebreak Flaming Lasso {s:value}% Cooldown Reduction  
Circlet Healing Salve Town Portal Scroll Tango Bottle Boots of Speed Wind Lace Boots of Travel Blink Dagger Staff of Wizardry Ring of Regen Force Staff Ogre Axe Mithril Hammer Black King Bar Ghost Scepter Healing Salve Healing Salve  
Phoenix Jaunuel 23 3 4 19 291 469 45 21009 5514 759 14510 Fire Spirits Icarus Dive Fire Spirits Sun Ray Fire Spirits Supernova Fire Spirits Sun Ray Sun Ray +{s:value}% Spell Amplification Sun Ray Supernova Icarus Dive Icarus Dive +{s:value} Fire Spirits DPS Icarus Dive Supernova Sun Ray During Supernova  
Ring of Basilius Magic Wand Boots of Speed Wind Lace Tranquil Boots Crown Veil of Discord Gem of True Sight Ring of Health Perseverance Void Stone Platemail Lotus Orb Energy Booster Ring of Basilius Morbid Mask Blades of Attack Vladmir's Offering  
Tiny Japoy.LFT 26 6 7 10 545 620 640 39796 0 1585 29835 Tree Grab Avalanche Avalanche Toss Avalanche Toss Avalanche Toss Toss Grow +{s:value} Damage Grow Tree Grab Tree Throw +{s:value} Avalanche Damage Tree Throw Grow +{s:value} Strength {s:value} Toss Charges  
Phase Boots Blink Dagger Oblivion Staff Echo Sabre Mithril Hammer Black King Bar Aghanim's Scepter Point Booster Crystalys Demon Edge Daedalus Shadow Blade Silver Edge  
Drow Ranger Skem 27 13 3 5 851 764 2571 56888 0 3455 39170 Frost Arrows Multishot Frost Arrows Multishot Multishot Marksmanship Multishot Gust Frost Arrows +{s:value} All Stats Gust Marksmanship Gust Gust +{s:value} Agility Frost Arrows Marksmanship +{s:value}% Multishot Damage {s:value}% Cooldown Reduction  
Dragon Lance Yasha Ultimate Orb Manta Style Force Staff Hurricane Pike Shadow Blade Ultimate Orb Linken's Sphere Black King Bar Echo Sabre Silver Edge Sacred Relic Divine Rapier Demon Edge Hyperstone Moon Shard Hyperstone  
Clockwerk Mskiinfnty.PH2n 20 2 13 15 190 361 0 12514 1085 541 8265 Battery Assault Power Cogs Battery Assault Rocket Flare Battery Assault Hookshot Battery Assault Rocket Flare Rocket Flare +{s:value} Armor Rocket Flare Hookshot Power Cogs Power Cogs Unknown Ability #502 Power Cogs Hookshot +{s:value} Rocket Flare Damage  
Ring of Protection Wind Lace Magic Stick Sage's Mask Boots of Speed Circlet Urn of Shadows Ring of Regen Tranquil Boots Magic Wand Staff of Wizardry Ring of Regen Force Staff Shadow Amulet Cloak Glimmer Cape Gloves of Haste  
TNC Predator (TNC) TNC Predator Winner
Hero Player Level Kills Deaths Assists GPM XPM TD HD HH EGG GS Skills & Significant Items
Arc Warden Gabbi 27 11 0 10 966 676 23119 76861 0 11750 42115 Flux Spark Wraith Flux Spark Wraith Flux Tempest Double Flux Spark Wraith Magnetic Field +{s:value} Flux Cast Range Magnetic Field Tempest Double Magnetic Field Magnetic Field {s:value}% Cooldown Reduction Spark Wraith Tempest Double +{s:value} Attack Range +{s:value} Spark Wraith Damage  
Hand of Midas Maelstrom Boots of Travel Hyperstone Mjollnir Force Staff Hurricane Pike Black King Bar Eaglesong Ethereal Blade Monkey King Bar Demon Edge Boots of Travel 2 Hyperstone Moon Shard Hyperstone Aghanim's Scepter Aghanim's Blessing  
Bloodseeker kpii 23 4 6 18 416 456 96 15806 125 2788 17920 Blood Rite Thirst Thirst Blood Rite Blood Rite Rupture Blood Rite Bloodrage Bloodrage Bloodrage Bloodrage Rupture +{s:value} Armor Thirst +{s:value} Blood Rite Damage Thirst Rupture +{s:value} Rupture Cast Range  
Boots of Speed Chainmail Phase Boots Soul Ring Ring of Health Hood of Defiance Pipe of Insight Staff of Wizardry Rod of Atos Staff of Wizardry Force Staff Ghost Scepter Ring of Health Perseverance Void Stone Platemail Lotus Orb Energy Booster  
Grimstroke TIMS 22 2 5 19 400 442 0 12805 125 5228 16790 Stroke of Fate Ink Swell Ink Swell Phantom's Embrace Stroke of Fate Stroke of Fate Stroke of Fate Soulbind Phantom's Embrace +{s:value} Cast Range Phantom's Embrace Soulbind Ink Swell Ink Swell Unknown Ability #502 Phantom's Embrace Soulbind +{s:value} Stroke of Fate Cast Range  
Wind Lace Boots of Speed Bracer Magic Stick Magic Wand Energy Booster Arcane Boots Cloak Shadow Amulet Gloves of Haste Glimmer Cape Blink Dagger Void Stone Aether Lens Mystic Staff Ultimate Orb Scythe of Vyse Void Stone  
Vengeful Spirit March 22 4 14 18 283 433 0 8744 4904 2876 11315 Magic Missile Wave of Terror Vengeance Aura Vengeance Aura Vengeance Aura Nether Swap Vengeance Aura Wave of Terror Wave of Terror +{s:value}% Magic Resistance Wave of Terror Nether Swap Magic Missile Magic Missile -{s:value}s Magic Missile Cooldown Magic Missile Nether Swap Unknown Ability #502  
Magic Stick Boots of Speed Magic Wand Cloak Infused Raindrops Wind Lace Ring of Regen Tranquil Boots Chainmail Blades of Attack Sage's Mask Ring of Basilius Morbid Mask Vladmir's Offering Ghost Scepter  
Pangolier Armel 27 11 3 14 573 629 680 24865 0 1938 29740 Swashbuckle Lucky Shot Swashbuckle Lucky Shot Swashbuckle Rolling Thunder Swashbuckle Lucky Shot Lucky Shot +{s:value} Swashbuckle Slash Range Shield Crash Shield Crash Rolling Thunder Shield Crash {s:value}s Shield Crash CD in Ball Shield Crash Rolling Thunder +{s:value} Swashbuckle Damage {s:value}s Swashbuckle Cooldown  
Power Treads Javelin Mithril Hammer Maelstrom Sange Talisman of Evasion Heaven's Halberd Point Booster Aghanim's Scepter Mithril Hammer Black King Bar Mithril Hammer Skull Basher Vanguard Vitality Booster Abyssal Blade Diffusal Blade