Ticket: DPC 2019/2020 Qualifier #3 DPC 2019/2020 Qualifier #3 11661

DPC 2019/2020 Qualifier #3 / 5242099322 / Patch 7.24

Starting 14 February 2020 10:50:21 lasting 58:06

CDEC  (CDEC) CDEC Elo32 shift: 17.168
Hero Player Level Kills Deaths Assists GPM XPM TD HD HH EGG GS Skills & Significant Items
Arc Warden Xm 28 10 0 3 858 697 13570 116302 0 9109 42995 Spark Wraith Flux Flux Spark Wraith Spark Wraith Tempest Double Spark Wraith Flux Flux +35 Attack Speed Magnetic Field Tempest Double Magnetic Field Magnetic Field +300 Health Magnetic Field Tempest Double -1.5s Spark Wraith Cooldown +350 Spark Wraith Damage  
Maelstrom Hyperstone Mjollnir Demon Edge Monkey King Bar Force Staff Hurricane Pike Nullifier Sacred Relic Orchid Malevolence Boots of Travel Crystalys Bloodthorn Black King Bar Boots of Travel Hyperstone Moon Shard Hyperstone  
Lich Victoria 22 2 3 15 282 371 0 16215 400 3085 14900 Frost Blast Sacrifice Frost Blast Unknown Ability #7325 Sacrifice Chain Frost Sacrifice Sacrifice Unknown Ability #7325 +200 Health Unknown Ability #7325 Chain Frost Unknown Ability #7325 Frost Blast +120 Damage Frost Blast Chain Frost +200 Cast Range  
Healing Salve Magic Stick Wind Lace Boots of Speed Cloak Cloak Glimmer Cape Shadow Amulet Staff of Wizardry Ring of Regen Tranquil Boots Ring of Regen Force Staff Gem of True Sight Circlet Energy Booster Void Stone Aether Lens  
Omniknight Unknown 23 3 3 9 274 416 533 5260 13170 2433 14465 Purification Purification Repel Repel Purification Repel Purification Repel Guardian Angel Unknown Ability #5098 Degen Aura Guardian Angel Degen Aura Degen Aura +30 Movement Speed Degen Aura Guardian Angel +4 Mana Regen  
Boots of Speed Soul Ring Cloak Hood of Defiance Ring of Health Pipe of Insight Staff of Wizardry Force Staff Buckler Morbid Mask Vladmir's Offering Point Booster Staff of Wizardry Ogre Axe Blade of Alacrity Aghanim's Scepter  
Slark 长亭外 古道边 芳草天 26 3 0 14 540 588 5328 30646 0 6259 26655 Essence Shift Pounce Essence Shift Dark Pact Dark Pact Shadow Dance Dark Pact Dark Pact Essence Shift +10 Strength Essence Shift Shadow Dance Pounce Pounce 20% Lifesteal Pounce Shadow Dance +150 Dark Pact Damage +120s Essence Shift Duration  
Power Treads Diffusal Blade Mithril Hammer Black King Bar Point Booster Aghanim's Scepter Mithril Hammer Skull Basher Vanguard Vitality Booster Abyssal Blade Javelin Demon Edge Monkey King Bar  
Earthshaker James 20 1 5 11 223 304 0 8938 0 1943 9910 Fissure Aftershock Enchant Totem Aftershock Aftershock Echo Slam Aftershock Fissure Fissure Fissure +30 Damage Echo Slam Enchant Totem Enchant Totem +7 Armor Enchant Totem Echo Slam  
Boots of Speed Wind Lace Ring of Regen Tranquil Boots Magic Stick Tome of Knowledge Blink Dagger Smoke of Deceit Wind Lace Tome of Knowledge Dust of Appearance Dust of Appearance Staff of Wizardry Ring of Regen Force Staff Shadow Amulet Shadow Blade Claymore  
Team Aster (Aster) Team Aster Elo32 shift: -17.168
Hero Player Level Kills Deaths Assists GPM XPM TD HD HH EGG GS Skills & Significant Items
Outworld Devourer ChYuan 27 6 2 2 511 562 60 34156 0 1847 26440 Astral Imprisonment Unknown Ability #5684 Astral Imprisonment Unknown Ability #5684 Astral Imprisonment Sanity's Eclipse Astral Imprisonment Unknown Ability #5684 Arcane Orb +20 Attack Speed Unknown Ability #5684 Sanity's Eclipse Arcane Orb Arcane Orb +350 Mana Arcane Orb Sanity's Eclipse +20 Strength +60s Arcane Orb Int Steal  
Power Treads Staff of Wizardry Force Staff Blink Dagger Ogre Axe Dragon Lance Hurricane Pike Ultimate Orb Mystic Staff Void Stone Scythe of Vyse Ogre Axe Mithril Hammer Black King Bar Hyperstone Moon Shard Hyperstone Boots of Travel  
Io BoBoKa 21 0 3 6 168 353 591 4802 36276 169 9730 Tether Overcharge Overcharge Tether Overcharge Relocate Overcharge Tether Tether +5 Health Regen Spirits Relocate Spirits Spirits 13% Spell Lifesteal Spirits Relocate +15 Armor  
Ring of Regen Tango Headdress Magic Stick Chainmail Healing Salve Mekansm Belt of Strength Magic Wand Ogre Axe Sange Smoke of Deceit Talisman of Evasion Heaven's Halberd Gem of True Sight Circlet Gauntlets of Strength Bracer  
Gyrocopter Sccc 25 3 2 3 731 523 8650 87399 0 2508 41850 Rocket Barrage Homing Missile Rocket Barrage Flak Cannon Rocket Barrage Call Down Rocket Barrage Flak Cannon Flak Cannon +250 Health Flak Cannon Call Down Homing Missile Homing Missile +11 Rocket Barrage Damage Homing Missile Call Down +40 Movement Speed 3 Homing Missile Charges  
Drum of Endurance Mithril Hammer Black King Bar Monkey King Bar Demon Edge Reaver Satanic Aghanim's Scepter Eaglesong Butterfly Ultimate Orb Ultimate Orb Eye of Skadi Aghanim's Blessing Sacred Relic Divine Rapier Demon Edge  
Necrophos Xxs 21 1 8 4 296 345 507 25918 5694 1583 14240 Death Pulse Heartstopper Aura Ghost Shroud Death Pulse Heartstopper Aura Reaper's Scythe Death Pulse Death Pulse Heartstopper Aura +10 Strength Heartstopper Aura Reaper's Scythe Ghost Shroud Ghost Shroud +16% Ghost Shroud Slow Ghost Shroud Reaper's Scythe Unknown Ability #5098  
Null Talisman Boots of Speed Power Treads Cloak Ring of Health Hood of Defiance Pipe of Insight Ghost Scepter Staff of Wizardry Force Staff Ring of Health Perseverance Void Stone Platemail Lotus Orb Energy Booster  
Clockwerk Fade 19 1 4 7 204 289 0 15071 3921 718 10895 Power Cogs Battery Assault Battery Assault Rocket Flare Battery Assault Hookshot Battery Assault Rocket Flare Rocket Flare Rocket Flare +5 Armor Hookshot Power Cogs Power Cogs +15 Strength Power Cogs Hookshot  
Boots of Speed Magic Stick Magic Wand Sage's Mask Circlet Urn of Shadows Wind Lace Sage's Mask Ring of Basilius Buckler Morbid Mask Vladmir's Offering Staff of Wizardry Ring of Regen Force Staff  

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