Ticket: ESL One Hamburg 2019 powered by Intel ESL One Hamburg 2019 powered by Intel 11275

ESL One Hamburg 2019 powered by Intel / 5033688393 / Patch 7.22

Starting 21 September 2019 16:34:28 lasting 32:02

ViKin.gg (Vikin.gg) ViKin.gg Elo32 shift: 16.000
Hero Player Level Kills Deaths Assists GPM XPM TD HD HH EGG GS Skills & Significant Items
Leshrac Mastermind 22 8 0 11 582 668 7388 14505 170 3561 16250 Split Earth Lightning Storm Lightning Storm Split Earth Diabolic Edict Pulse Nova Diabolic Edict Diabolic Edict Diabolic Edict Split Earth Split Earth Lightning Storm +5 Armor Pulse Nova +30 Movement Speed Lightning Storm Pulse Nova +50 Pulse Nova Damage  
Bottle Boots of Speed Bracer Null Talisman Boots of Travel Staff of Wizardry Kaya Staff of Wizardry Void Stone Eul's Scepter of Divinity Ogre Axe Mithril Hammer Black King Bar Ogre Axe Sange Kaya and Sange  
Keeper of the Light bOne7 21 0 3 15 336 597 117 5735 2441 1066 10330 Blinding Light Chakra Magic Illuminate Chakra Magic Illuminate Unknown Ability #7316 Chakra Magic Illuminate Chakra Magic +30% XP Gain Illuminate Unknown Ability #7316 Blinding Light Blinding Light +350 Cast Range Blinding Light Unknown Ability #7316  
Wind Lace Magic Stick Boots of Speed Ring of Regen Wind Lace Tranquil Boots Tome of Knowledge Staff of Wizardry Ring of Regen Force Staff Tome of Knowledge Void Stone Staff of Wizardry Ogre Axe Blade of Alacrity Aghanim's Scepter Point Booster  
Wraith King Chappie 23 9 0 10 708 727 9228 19440 3266 2660 20850 Wraithfire Blast Mortal Strike Vampiric Aura Mortal Strike Mortal Strike Reincarnation Mortal Strike Wraithfire Blast Wraithfire Blast +20 Attack Speed Wraithfire Blast Reincarnation Vampiric Aura Vampiric Aura +15 Strength Vampiric Aura Reincarnation No Reincarnation Manacost  
Blades of Attack Magic Stick Magic Wand Boots of Speed Phase Boots Chainmail Gloves of Haste Hand of Midas Sacred Relic Radiance Blink Dagger Hyperstone Platemail Chainmail Assault Cuirass Mithril Hammer Belt of Strength Skull Basher  
Ogre Magi Flash 14 0 8 14 263 314 186 6597 0 1733 6530 Bloodlust Fireblast Fireblast Bloodlust Fireblast Multicast Fireblast Bloodlust Bloodlust +100 Cast Range Ignite Multicast Ignite Ignite  
Orb of Venom Tango Stout Shield Magic Stick Wind Lace Boots of Speed Tome of Knowledge Smoke of Deceit Ring of Regen Dust of Appearance Tranquil Boots Quelling Blade Smoke of Deceit Gem of True Sight Smoke of Deceit Tome of Knowledge Smoke of Deceit  
Bristleback Rajjix 21 9 1 14 585 601 4611 17845 0 1727 18015 Quill Spray Viscous Nasal Goo Quill Spray Bristleback Quill Spray Warpath Quill Spray Bristleback Bristleback +20 Movement Speed Bristleback Warpath Viscous Nasal Goo Viscous Nasal Goo +250 Health Viscous Nasal Goo Warpath +25 Quill Stack Damage  
Bracer Chainmail Phase Boots Ring of Health Hood of Defiance Cloak Pipe of Insight Chainmail Medallion of Courage Ultimate Orb Solar Crest Ogre Axe Sange Talisman of Evasion Heaven's Halberd Ogre Axe Mithril Hammer Black King Bar  
SMARACIS eSports (SMARACIS) SMARACIS eSports Elo32 shift: -16.000
Hero Player Level Kills Deaths Assists GPM XPM TD HD HH EGG GS Skills & Significant Items
Axe airu 14 1 6 4 292 296 0 10151 400 426 7870 Battle Hunger Counter Helix Counter Helix Battle Hunger Battle Hunger Culling Blade Berserker's Call Battle Hunger Counter Helix +40 Attack Speed Counter Helix Culling Blade Berserker's Call  
Tango Stout Shield Healing Salve Quelling Blade Boots of Speed Chainmail Phase Boots Blades of Attack Ring of Health Magic Stick Blink Dagger Helm of Iron Will Crown Veil of Discord  
Zeus Lirik 18 3 5 5 405 450 50 37368 90 2147 10610 Arc Lightning Lightning Bolt Arc Lightning Static Field Arc Lightning Thundergod's Wrath Arc Lightning Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt +25% XP Gain Lightning Bolt Thundergod's Wrath Static Field Static Field +1.5% Static Field Damage Static Field Thundergod's Wrath  
Circlet Mantle of Intelligence Mantle of Intelligence Bottle Boots of Speed Boots of Travel Null Talisman Circlet Null Talisman Wind Lace Energy Booster Void Stone Void Stone Aether Lens Staff of Wizardry Robe of the Magi Kaya  
Shadow Demon Fezor 14 3 8 6 236 317 0 5634 0 837 6635 Shadow Poison Disruption Shadow Poison Soul Catcher Soul Catcher Demonic Purge Soul Catcher Soul Catcher Disruption +30% XP Gain Disruption Demonic Purge Disruption Shadow Poison  
Tango Magic Stick Boots of Speed Magic Wand Quelling Blade Wind Lace Tome of Knowledge Tranquil Boots Ring of Regen Circlet Gauntlets of Strength Bracer Tome of Knowledge Cloak  
Faceless Void PLOV 20 2 2 1 515 586 1240 7602 0 17 15695 Time Walk Time Lock Time Dilation Time Walk Time Walk Chronosphere Time Lock Time Walk Time Lock +12 Strength Time Lock Chronosphere Time Dilation Time Dilation +100 Time Lock Damage Time Dilation Chronosphere +500 Timewalk Cast Range  
Magic Stick Circlet Wraith Band Magic Wand Boots of Speed Gloves of Haste Hand of Midas Gloves of Haste Power Treads Belt of Strength Javelin Mithril Hammer Maelstrom Mithril Hammer Ogre Axe Black King Bar Mjollnir Hyperstone  
Mirana Petru44o 13 2 5 5 219 251 62 6922 922 977 5825 Sacred Arrow Leap Starstorm Starstorm Starstorm Moonlight Shadow Starstorm Leap Leap +200 Health Leap Moonlight Shadow Sacred Arrow  
Sage's Mask Sentry Ward Tango Ring of Basilius Ring of Protection Sentry Ward Observer and Sentry Wards Boots of Speed Magic Stick Arcane Boots Energy Booster Tome of Knowledge Wind Lace Chainmail Buckler Ring of Regen Headdress Mekansm