Ticket: The International 2017 The International 2017 5401

The International 2017 / 3353838092 / Patch 7.06

Starting 03 August 2017 19:14:37 lasting 15:39

Virtus.pro (VP) Virtus.pro Elo32 shift: -16.395
Hero Player Level Kills Deaths Assists GPM XPM TD HD HH EGG GS Skills & Significant Items
Shadow Demon Solo 4 1 6 2 146 99 0 2272 0 226 2410 Disruption Soul Catcher Soul Catcher Shadow Poison  
Wind Lace Faerie Fire Tango Magic Stick Flying Courier Observer and Sentry Wards Sentry Ward Circlet Magic Wand Smoke of Deceit Smoke of Deceit Sentry Ward Boots of Speed Observer and Sentry Wards Sentry Ward  
Dragon Knight No[o]ne 11 0 3 1 309 390 197 1077 0 1213 4170 Breathe Fire Dragon Blood Breathe Fire Dragon Blood Dragon Tail Elder Dragon Form Breathe Fire Breathe Fire Dragon Blood +10 Strength Dragon Blood  
Stout Shield Tango Faerie Fire Quelling Blade Healing Salve Ring of Protection Iron Talon Boots of Speed Bottle Belt of Strength Gloves of Haste Circlet Magic Wand Magic Stick Power Treads Gloves of Haste  
Kunkka Lil 6 1 2 2 162 169 0 1126 0 251 2855 Torrent Tidebringer X Marks the Spot X Marks the Spot X Marks the Spot Ghostship  
Smoke of Deceit Tango Observer and Sentry Wards Healing Salve Boots of Speed Magic Stick Circlet Tome of Knowledge Magic Wand Sentry Ward Observer and Sentry Wards Observer and Sentry Wards Sage's Mask Quelling Blade Sentry Ward  
Centaur Warrunner 9pasha 9 0 5 3 269 297 14 3881 0 4 3660 Hoof Stomp Double Edge Return Double Edge Double Edge Stampede Double Edge Hoof Stomp Hoof Stomp  
Healing Salve Tango Stout Shield Enchanted Mango Boots of Speed Tango Ring of Health Ring of Regen Cloak Hood of Defiance Wind Lace Ring of Regen Tranquil Boots  
Anti-Mage RAMZES666 9 1 2 2 278 276 57 2049 0 487 4260 Mana Break Blink Mana Break Spell Shield Blink Mana Void Blink Blink Spell Shield  
Healing Salve Tango Slippers of Agility Slippers of Agility Poor Man's Shield Stout Shield Quelling Blade Town Portal Scroll Tango Ring of Health Boots of Speed Gloves of Haste Town Portal Scroll Belt of Strength Power Treads Town Portal Scroll Void Stone Perseverance  
LGD.Forever Young LGD.Forever Young Elo32 shift: 16.395
Hero Player Level Kills Deaths Assists GPM XPM TD HD HH EGG GS Skills & Significant Items
Puck Inflame 12 4 0 0 404 454 547 6525 0 840 6290 Waning Rift Illusory Orb Illusory Orb Phase Shift Illusory Orb Dream Coil Illusory Orb Waning Rift Waning Rift Waning Rift +175 Health Phase Shift  
Circlet Healing Salve Tango Orb of Venom Boots of Speed Bottle Magic Wand Magic Stick Circlet Mantle of Intelligence Null Talisman Gloves of Haste Power Treads Belt of Strength Blink Dagger  
Chaos Knight Monet 10 0 1 4 353 337 479 3789 0 1067 5420 Chaos Bolt Reality Rift Reality Rift Chaos Bolt Chaos Strike Reality Rift Reality Rift Phantasm Chaos Strike +15 Attack Speed  
Healing Salve Stout Shield Tango Enchanted Mango Magic Stick Quelling Blade Boots of Speed Circlet Magic Wand Quelling Blade Gloves of Haste Power Treads Belt of Strength Helm of Iron Will Gloves of Haste Blades of Attack Armlet of Mordiggian  
Razor Super 13 9 0 3 512 501 1852 9767 0 418 8225 Static Link Static Link Unstable Current Plasma Field Static Link Eye of the Storm Static Link Plasma Field Unstable Current +15 Agility Plasma Field Eye of the Storm Unstable Current  
Wraith Band Boots of Speed Sage's Mask Ring of Basilius Ring of Protection Blades of Attack Blades of Attack Ring of Health Phase Boots Ring of Regen Cloak Hood of Defiance Band of Elvenskin Blade of Alacrity Yasha Ogre Axe Belt of Strength Sange  
Lich ddc 9 4 2 6 252 283 77 3521 0 1285 3225 Sacrifice Frost Blast Ice Armor Sacrifice Frost Blast Chain Frost Frost Blast Sacrifice  
Tango Boots of Speed Flying Courier Wind Lace Magic Stick Ring of Regen Tranquil Boots Tome of Knowledge Smoke of Deceit Circlet Smoke of Deceit Magic Wand  
Earthshaker ah fu 9 0 1 11 229 287 39 3082 0 1961 2445 Fissure Enchant Totem Fissure Aftershock Fissure Echo Slam Fissure Aftershock Aftershock  
Smoke of Deceit Clarity Tango Town Portal Scroll Boots of Speed Observer Ward Clarity Infused Raindrops Infused Raindrops Observer and Sentry Wards Observer Ward Observer and Sentry Wards Clarity Town Portal Scroll Clarity Arcane Boots Energy Booster Town Portal Scroll  

Audio Commentary

LaNm, Wind & Sdn&Wind
@LyricalDota & Stream B Observer
@Casperenush, RU Observer & @Bafikk